Whatever level you are, whether you want help to a path of enjoying fitness and healthy eating or to improve your current fitness level and nutrition, I can help you.

It is my goal to help you achieve your goals.

'I started training with Mai in October 17 - her understanding of my medical conditions (pre-commencement interview), patience and professionalism has been paramount in ‘our' achieving a level of fitness and a loss of weight that has improved my life considerably.

These one to one sessions, twice weekly form part of a steadily progressive regime.

Improvement markers and reviews are regularly undertaken, these assist greatly in setting targets and surpassing them!

One of the more frustrating things that we monitor and improve upon is my fluctuating blood sugar levels during exercise; our understanding and management of this is nothing short of fantastic!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Mai and Nulifit to anybody, of any age that is seeking improvement in their wellbeing and general fitness and us able to take the one small step that can change their lives.......pick up the phone!!'

James M.

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